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Use Google Listings With Social Media

Many businesses overlook the opportunities for free yet valuable advertising available in Google and Google maps search results.  This isn’t simply your name and address, but can include photos and videos, directions, hours, printable and mobile coupons, where to park, …

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Dealing With Social Media Criticism, Kudos and More

“Listening” and responding to what’s being said about you, your company or brand on-line is a major component to effective Social Media. Last week I wrote about 6 Free Ways to Listen. Today I’m going to help you plan …

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Browser Size Assures Your Web Content Gets Seen

Google released a useful new tool last week called Browser Size. It lets you see just how much of your web pages are visible in visitors’ browsers.

Google developed the tool and implemented it on Google Earth. As a …

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6 Social Media Holiday Stress Reducers

christmas tree1.  Stay healthy.  Get rest, eat well and maintain your exercise routine.  Basics of a happy and healthy life work well to promote good Social Media.

2.  Schedule the remainder of the year now.  “Bank” posts and tweets …

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Time to Commit: 2010 Will Be Social Media Breakout Year

inc 500

An Inc. 500 study conducted by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shows that fast-growing companies are heavily focused on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

It further indicates that these elite businesses believe that Social Media is a core component …

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Facebook And Twitter News Your Company Should Know

Facebook and Twitter have become the most important places to engage in Social Media other than your own branded website and blog.  Staying abreast of the near-daily changes at both sites is important as they are in a continual state …

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