Invest With TechSpokes

TechSpokes has a unique, proven 10-year record of achievement. We have enabled large vacation rental managers to compete successfully and excel in rental revenue. On the home page of TechSpokes is a list of some companies that have achieved measurable results.

Future plans allow TechSpokes to dramatically expand its reach, making our solutions accessible to smaller vacation rental and real estate companies.

TechSpokes will raise capital to fuel new product development and seize the opportunities that exists in our rapidly expanding market. Vacation rentals is by far the fastest growing travel sector, expected to be valued at nearly $200 billion by 2021.*

Goals of Investment

  • Extend our products from large vacation rentals and real estate companies to the huge untapped audience of smaller ones with 1 to 25 properties.
  • Provide companies with one easy to use, highly scalable solution, no matter their current or future size.
  • Empower small companies to compete with local and global players in their market.
  • Make products that are highly affordable for small businesses through automation of sales and support.
  • Utilize most popular open source technologies that are flexible and easy to maintain and improve.
  • This will not replace our current large vacation rental offerings.

Why TechSpokes

  • TechSpokes simplifies advanced technologies, making them accessible to all companies.
  • We partner with industry leader Software by HomeAway.
  • TechSpokes has developed exclusively on WordPress, the most popular web solution, since its founding.
  • State-of-the-art content marketing is search engine and visitor optimized, enabling companies to compete globally.
  • Unequalled 24/7 technical support from USA and France top-tier experts.

Next Step – Call Jeff Tucker, CEO of TechSpokes at (808) 482-0366