Over 50: Most Important Yet Challenging New Internet Demographic

A just released Neilsen study of UK-based internet users may give a glimpse of what’s in store.  Funny too that I’m now not feeling so all alone with my grey hair showing on Facebook.

  • 53% of new UK internet users in 2009 were over age 50
  • 31% of all UK internet users are now over 50

Of the new users, the majority were:

  • Men over 50 (38%)
  • Women over 50 (15%)

Clearly, focusing your business online marketing solely towards younger people is no longer appropriate.  The demographics are quickly shifting towards older age groups.

According to a May 2010 survey conducted by AARP, one-quarter of Americans over 50 are using Social Media with Facebook being the most popular site visited. Of interest, AARP found that an overwhelming number said their children are responsible for encouraging their participation.

Lastly, another recent study of Facebook’s U.S. audience growth shows users over age 55 haven’t been returning to the site as much recently. This may be due in part to their finding a lack of compelling reasons to visit Facebook.

Going forward, your business should find and integrate ways of reaching and engaging with the 50 plus group, including targeted messages to younger generations in their family.


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