Three Reasons Your Company Still Needs a Blog

Blogging for business: goals and objectives.

  • Traditional corporate websites are fast becoming technology behemoths, characterized by stagnant, disengaged, and unmotivated content.
  • A dramatic shift has already taken place in which static websites have been replaced or augmented by those that feature conversation, interaction and personal involvement, or blogs.
  • Blogs drive significant new traffic as well as search engine visibility to your business through fresh, relevant content.

Is a blog right for my company? At some level yes, it definitely is.¬† Just don’t forget that you need to give serious consideration to your ability to create and maintain a blog, and more importantly to its likely cultural impact on your organization and its communication.

Define the purpose of your blog before you begin. Each business finds its own unique application for blogging. Decide what areas of communication your business needs to improve. A business or corporate blog can serve you in a multitude of ways. What are others in your industry doing?

Blogs are a …

  • marketing and communication tool in real time that builds brand awareness.
  • Facilitator of dialogue between you and the public.
  • Means of increasing media attention and/or web site traffic.
  • Message dissemination tool for internal and external audiences.
  • Focus group which engages customer feedback.
  • Time management site on critical issues to your company.
  • Way of uniting, engaging and featuring the people in your business.
  • Company enhancement to employee recruitment.
  • Tested way to position a product or service launch or restructuring.

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